To confidentially register a trade barrier, either click the button below or contact the agency that deals with your industry. We'll get back to you within 2 working days, and work out next steps within 6 weeks.

Register your barrier to trade


If you're a manufacturer, and you're facing standards, regulations, rules in selling to foreign governments, or other restrictions blocking you from exporting, contact the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.


Website MBIE

Services and investment

If you encounter a trade barrier that's unfairly preventing you from exporting your services offshore, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade for assistance.

Telephone 0800 824 605


Website MFAT

Education Services

If you export education services, including teaching international students in New Zealand or overseas, and need help with trade barriers, contact Education New Zealand.


Website Education New Zealand

Food and primary industries

If you're facing trade barriers for your food or primary sector exports - including for food safety and standards or animal welfare - contact the Ministry for Primary Industries.

Telephone 0800 00 83 33


Website MPI Exporting

Customs help

If you're experiencing export issues such as border clearance issues, tariff classification, and rules of origin, contact New Zealand Customs.